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Thinking about Koi? Trust an Expert


Koi Carp are wonderful fish, they look incredible as well as being fun and rewarding to keep. If you search online, you will find all kinds of ‘value’ offers to get you started with Koi at home, like any living creature, you need to treat them correctly to ensure they are healthy and happy.
Here at Beacon Koi, we have been involved with Koi for decades, we know what to look for, and have already made all the mistakes beginners struggle through, so you don’t have to. We offer a wide range of Koi, with Japanese Koi Carp for sale, Israeli Koi Carp for sale and a range of equipment and accessories to help you with any aspect of the hobby.

Finding the right fish


AT the heart of keeping Koi is finding the right fish. Koi Carp are as individual as you or I, and if you look at our Japanese Koi Carp for sale page, you will find a range of individual fish for sale. Each is pictures with their size and date of measurement, so you can choose the exact fish you want for your pond. It is the same with the Israeli Koi Carp for sale, we make sure you can purchase the right fish, every time, because that is the essence of the hobby.

Everything you need in one place

As Koi experts, we have vast experience in keeping fish of all kinds, we have tried everything on the market, and we understand what is important for success, whether you are just starting out or a seasoned hobbyist.

To help you find everything you need, we offer a range of accessories, from nets and pond treatments to pond pumps, ultraviolet pond lights and Koi food. You can buy with confidence knowing that everything you see are items we use, approve and are proud to make available to our customers. Whether you are looking for Koi Pond filtration, blanket weed water treatments or pond air pumps, we have the very best options available to purchase.
We have created a one-stop solution for your hobby, everything you need in one place with fast service and the peace of mind you get from people who know about Koi. We are on hand if you need any advice too, just contact us about any product, or for guidance on any aspect of Koi. We are always here to help.

On-Site care for your Koi

Our services cover every aspect of your Koi health and safety, including comprehensive water testing, wellbeing inspections, treatments for wounds, fin rot, abrasions and other common issues and more.

We can help you ensure your Koi Pond filtration is performing as it should be, provide nutritional advice and both identify parasitic issues and develop a suitable treatment regime. We are your first choice for Koi health in the Birmingham area, your experts on hand to help you with any problem.
We offer a full consulting service for Koi hobbyists, and can help you identify issues early, so you can have treatment in place to restore health and avoid disasters.
Whether you are just starting out and looking for Japanese Koi Carp for sale or need assistance with Koi health for your existing fish, or just need the best food and accessories available, Beacon Koi are here to help. In world where we have so much information available to us, sometimes an expert is still the best option.
Beacon Koi, the Koi experts for your hobby.

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